As a Product designer, I am highly empathic & curious. I am focused on creating and collaborating on functional and delightful, research-based user experiences. I'm passionate about creating for the people who use the products, and really allow the research and data I get about and from the user to guide my creative approach and all design decisions.
The differences and similarities between Art and Design fascinate me. Long before I considered myself a Designer, I was an Artist (ever since I learned to hold a crayon). I'm an Interdisciplinary Artist, primarily using drawing, painting, textile, installation, and digital art as my mediums. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Studio Art from San Francisco State University. 
I also received a minor in Asian American Studies from the College of Ethnic Studies, which both demonstrates and informs my passion for community activism, equity, and social justice.
My diverse academic and professional background and wide-ranging experience include customer service, administration, entrepreneurship, marketing, writing, social media management, leadership, makeup artistry, fabrication, and curation. I am a member of the Interaction Design Foundation, an entity that provides me with a continuing Design education and a global network of fellow Designers. 
I'm a San Francisco native and reside in San Ramon, California. Other interests of mine are pop culture, TV & film, music, psychology, anthropology, and spirituality. In my free time, I enjoy reading, learning French and Latin on Duolingo, dancing Ori Tahiti, and playing the ukulele. 
My Design Process

​​​​​​​Agile / Scrum - Art Direction & Branding - Frontend Development (HTML / CSS / JavaScript)
Information Architecture - Rapid Design Iteration - Responsive Web Design - Storyboarding
User Research - User Flows - UX Strategy - UX Writing - Usability Tests - Visual Design - Wireframing

Adobe Creative Suite - AdobeXD - Asana - Figma - Google Product Suite 
InVision - Powerpoint - Miro - Quip -  Slack -Trello - Webflow - Zeplin
"   Frances actively engages design problems and leads with positivity. 
She builds a vision for product development 
and with this momentum she inspires precise action. 
Let there be no doubt that Frances 
will stand as a driving force on any design team.   "

- Gavin Fiorina,  UX Designer and UX/UI Design Instructor, UC Berkeley Extension 
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