Problem Statement
DoorDash is a popular food delivery service, but customers with food allergies often struggle to find safe and reliable options. As a UX designer at DoorDash, my goal was to create a new feature that would make it easier for customers with allergies to find restaurants and menu items that meet their needs.
To gain insights into the needs of customers with allergies, I conducted user interviews with DoorDash customers who had previously expressed concerns about allergens. I also surveyed DoorDash drivers to better understand their experiences delivering food to customers with allergies.
From my research, I learned that customers with allergies often have to spend a lot of time researching menus and calling restaurants to ensure that their food will be safe. They are also frustrated by the lack of consistency in how restaurants label allergens and the limited filtering options on the DoorDash app.
Design Process
Based on my research, I developed a design solution that would make it easier for customers with allergies to find safe options on DoorDash. The solution involved adding a new filtering option for allergens and creating a standardized labeling system for allergens across all restaurants on the platform.
To test the solution, I created wireframes and prototypes and conducted usability testing with customers with allergies. Through the testing, I found that the new filtering option was very helpful for customers and reduced the amount of time they spent searching for safe options. The standardized labeling system also helped to increase trust and confidence in the safety of the food.
Final Design
The final design included a new "Allergen Filter" option in the DoorDash app, which allowed customers to filter menu items by their specific allergens. The allergen filter was linked to a standardized labeling system, which was used across all restaurants on the platform. This made it easier for customers to find safe options and gave them more confidence in the safety of their food.
After launching the new feature, we saw a significant increase in customer satisfaction among customers with allergies. In a survey conducted six months after the feature was launched, 95% of customers with allergies said that they felt more confident ordering from DoorDash. We also saw a 25% increase in orders from customers with allergies, which suggests that the new feature was successful in meeting their needs.
The new allergen filter and labeling system were a success in making DoorDash a more inclusive platform for customers with allergies. By taking the time to research and understand their needs, we were able to create a solution that significantly improved their experience and increased their trust in our platform.
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