Brief Overview of project:

I was hired by Dr. Vanessa Stretton, Acupuncturist and owner of East Acupuncture in Sacramento, California as a consultant and collaborator on several aspects of her business including: 
- Branding and Brand Identity
- Establishing a Style Guide
- Redesigning the company website focused on conducting user research (competitive analysis, heuristic evaluation, defining problem space); creating copy/content; and addressing information architecture, user interface, user flow, and responsive web design
- Streamlining social media/marketing campaigns
- Creating design mockups for physical signage

This case study primarily focuses on the website redesign portion, as it pertains to practical application of UX Design principles and methodologies.

While talking to Vanessa, I was able to establish that her company's website had to effectively accomplish several things: 
1. Provide information to her patients and the general public
2. Market the many services offered by East Acupuncture
3. Act as a platform to easily book appointments 

With these objectives in mind, I completed a heuristic evaluation as well as a competitor analysis from a list of comparable businesses provided by Dr. Stretton. 
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